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Beautiful Flower
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From Monday to Saturday at Thailand (part 2)

Fiuuuuhhhh…finally first day at head office had been successfully finished with meeting so many new but old people right there.

Wait, old? New? What do you mean, Yulia; are they all older than you but new employees? Heheheee…let me explain and don’t misunderstood okay :D New in this term means that for me they are new people who I met for the first time at head office after so many months talking to them through emails and phones only. But for K. Nong that I met in the Monday morning, she was new employee at head office also K. Prateep at IGS department, and K. Kai at Finance department (the people I know); while the other people are old means they are seniors at there and you can see how senior they are from their title (department manager, vice president, and so on). People come and go in our life; such as the person who has come to my office before now already gone before I have a chance to meet him at head office. Quite surprise when found out about this when I was asking about this person to K. Toni at there.

Okay, the training will start in a moment and that Tuesday morning I had to choose my breakfast carefully because I don’t want my stomach to sound with “strange noises” during the training time *big grin* Started on Tuesday and will end on Thursday, all of us will have a SAP training. Who is all of us? We are the staffs from representative office of Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, and China; so total are 6 persons because from India there are 2 persons who came for the training. I’m so thankful that I could meet them at head office and get along with them for a while during the challenging SAP training. Here they are the beautiful Asian Girls who attended the SAP training with me ^__^ Good memory to be remembered for sure and so glad to know you all, girls :D Can you guess which one that already married and she’s currently pregnant with baby no 2? And she asked me to go to Pattaya next year to have the holiday together :D ups, have to save a lot money started from now then hahahaaaa….

We got favor from the Finance Manager K. Chumphon and VP Finance K. Pannee who treated us for lunch on Tuesday and Thursday (many thanks ka :D). No wonder if Ain (from Malaysia) said in her facebook that her diet program was messy because during her stays at Thailand, she just kept eating and eating and eating hehehee…and me toooo!!! Oh my gosh!!! As I said before, I could not resist the temptation of Thai food although most of them are more spicy than Indonesian food. On Monday evening, K. Euam and K. Prateep treated me for dinner at Central Plaza mall which located at other area (different Central Plaza near the Richmond hotel where I stayed). We ate something like a food of raw fish that served with spices, strong seasoning, and guess what…with grapefruit!!! The taste is sour but also fresh and delicious too :D Never seen any kind of food like that before and I’d like to find out more about using grapefruit for the food. When the food reached your mouth, you will feel a kind of strong feeling that a mixing of sour and spicy. Whoooaaaa…want to eat that again!!! Hahaha…LOL

When we ate at small restaurant near office, we had a kind of dessert that I really want to try again. If I could get the recipe, I would like to make it by myself hahaha… Unfortunately I forgot to take picture of it but how about the delicious taste? It’s still in my memory *grinning* The desert was a white bread that eaten with a green sauce made from coconut; just perfect and made you want to eat more and more and more :D Hey, wait, for this food I got the picture and we ate this on Thursday night for dinner with K. Euam and K. Mod at an open air ordinary street restaurant near the office. The seafood is steamed and you need to put it into a spicy sauce before eat it. We ate that with Pad Thai or fried rice or just eat like that it’s also delicious. You can find shrimp, snail, scallop, and squid in the basket and it’s more than enough for having a full stomach if you eat all of them without the Pad Thai :D 

So, the second lesson that I got from this trip is that don’t bother about your diet program or, if you still want to keep your weight under control then do some exercises that suit to you (easy to speak but hard to do right hehehe…)

Anyway, did you have a chance to go for shopping and sightseeing, Yulia? If you asked me that, my answer is more to no than to yes eventhough I went to Siam Paragon mall that Wednesday night and also to MBK on Friday night. I had a thought to extend the trip until the weekend but I changed my mind because this trip was more tended as a business trip with objective for training and not a vacation. So next year I should come back to have the real vacation hahaha…

The traffic at Bangkok is quite the same with Jakarta although in some cases can be better at Bangkok because they have the Bangkok Sky Train already to reach some shopping places from one site to other site quite fast. But I went to Siam Paragon by car that night with K. Es, K. Toni (he is the driver and the owner of the car ka, also the initiator for going to Siam Paragon ^_^), K. Salma, Ain, and Lan Anh; and we were stuck in traffic jam for some time. At that mall we had a Mexican food and also had sightseeing for the night market at the opposite of the mall (Lan Anh chose to go back to hotel after dinner because she’s sleepy). That time K. Toni accompanied Ain to shop clothes and shoes while I, K. Es, and K. Salma were walking around to see the other street shops around that area while waiting for both of them.

While at MBK, I had another Pad Thai with Ms Eda (she’s from Phillipine so I call her Ms Eda from her full name Edalin A. Timtiman) and this Pad Thai is quite sweet and not spicy. Different with what I had at the hotel and at the seafood restaurant. MBK is like a shopping mall where you can buy souvenirs (T-Shirts, handycrafts, key chains and so on), cheap clothes, accessories (like belts, hair accessories, and many more), pashmina, bags, Thai snacks, and of course eating Thai foods at the food court. But you know what, there is also a Balinese food at their international food court when we walked around the area before decided to buy. And while at there, I saw some blonde tourists besides of the tourists from other countries too. Wooowww…I was not the only tourist that night I guess :D and I was considering myself not as a tourist actually, but a Thai person because I do look like them (if I don’t open my mouth to speak hahaha…). At there, I saw 2 or 3 European men were waiting for something while they still have their luggages with them. It seemed that they just arrived from airport and directly went to MBK…oh my goodness, what a surprise!!! MBK provides small cards like in the photos below as the guidance for visitors to find the tenants that they want; very helpful as the guidance. 

Because we went to MBK during the after office hours and also on Friday, we were in traffic jam when we took the express way. And when we finished everything, we were in a quite long queue for a taxi with other people (again, I saw tourist from various countries were there). Something funny but a little bit scary experience we had that night. I was thinking to take a taxi by myself to go back to hotel and Ms Eda went back to her place but then Ms Eda wanted to bring me back to hotel first before return to her place. So we got a taxi and suddenly the taxi had a trouble with its engine and stopped in middle of nowhere. Oh my goooosssshhh!!! The driver talked to Ms Eda that he had this accident twice already during that day and he asked us to move to another taxi because surely the error can’t be solved in minutes (thank God Ms Eda can speak and understand Thai for she has been self studying the language during her working period). So we got another taxi, but….unbelievable!!! He was driving like crazy!!! So fast and the speed was increased when we entered the toll/express way. I and Ms Eda were holding our breath when he’s doing some manouvers to overtaking other cars’ lap. Another oh my goossshhh!!! OMG!!! In my heart I was praying that we will be fine and we will arrive safely without any accident; I guess Ms Eda also did the same thing :D Finally we arrived at my hotel and Ms Eda waited until the taxi disappeared and she took another taxi to go to her place. Fffyuuuuhhh…what a relieved!!! Both of us were so grateful that we arrived safely :D Unforgettable memory for sure and has no intention to repeat it hahaha…*LOL* Thank you so much for that night, Ms Eda, really appreciate your time to accompany me and hopefully next time we can visit the weekend market :D

Well, that’s all for now, I’ll continue to the part 3 on the next day and thanks for reading it ^___^

Monday, December 6, 2010

From Monday to Saturday at Thailand (part 1)

Thank God I had a good sleep after full enough with the Thai fried rice on the Sunday evening *big grin* and I woke up in the morning with excitement that I’m going to see my colleagues at head office with whom I have been communicating through emails and phones. Finaaalllyyyy….hoorrraaayyyy!!! hahaha…sorry, I’m too excited but this is my dream comes true, seeing the persons face to face and talk directly without boundary of distance :D 

Of course, I started to have the breakfast at the hotel with big curious what kind of foods that they provided and I wonder if there’s any Thai food that I can try because this is Thailand. And as usual, any persons who met me thought I’m Thai (if I don’t open my mouth to speak words). So that morning in the lift when I was going down to restaurant, a young woman greeted me and spoke to me in Thai language. So I was just giving her a big smile while saying,” I’m sorry, I can’t speak Thai.” Hehehe…
The foods for breakfast at the hotel are quite a lot and it’s American buffet breakfast actually; so they are completely served from bread, croissant, soups, salads, fruits, and main menu such as fried rice, white rice, and dishes with vegetables and meats, or fish, and chicken or pork sausages. Whoooaaaa… I was going to jump to see all those foods and wanted to try all of them one by one :D But then I remembered that I must choose the foods wisely because I need keep my weight under control while having enough energy for the whole day activity. And for the next days, a thought about keeping my weight under control already gone because I could not resist the food temptations at Thailand hahahahaaa…
After finishing the breakfast, I took my bag and notebook and went down again to get a taxi. A friendly staff greeted me with “sa-wat-dii krap” and I answered him with “good morning, can I get a taxi?” He asked me again, “Where are you going?” “Thaicom,” I said. Just one word and he understood ^__^ And he helped me to speak to the driver about the direction to Thaicom.
After I arrived at Thaicom, I was looking for Pat but she has not come yet that morning. So I tried another name that is K. Nong, the secretary of VP-SA2 (capital letter “K” means “Khun”, the way we call persons at Thailand) with a hope that she has come. And yes, she has come and she went downstairs to welcome me. She said that I looked different than the photo in web directory and we were just excited finally we can meet each other ^__^
After some chit chat with K. Nong, she brought me to Finance Department area because I don’t have the access card to open the door. And I landed safely at there for that day, met other colleagues with a tour assistancy to other departments from K. Toni, sitting near K. Toni, and working on my pending tasks from Jakarta before having a short question and answer with K. Es.
In the lunch time, I got a favor to taste tom yam goong soup, green curry, fried fish, and other foods that I don’t know the name with K. Es, K. Toni, K. Thanan, and K. Luk. All of us were treated by K. Luk for that lunch (khob khun ka, K. Luk ^__^). And in the evening, I went to the mall near office and hotel to buy simcard and fruits with K. Toni and K. Es (thank youuuu ^_^)
I thought I would not need a Thai simcard during these days because I still can use my Indonesian simcard (pre paid card) after I arrived at the airport to sms my parents and K. Tinnakorn my boss to inform that I landed safely; also sms my friend too. But then when I arrived at the hotel and reached the 16th floor, I could not use my simcard anymore. A little bit panic that time, oh noooo…the signal was gone and even after keep searching and got some Thai operators, I didn’t know which one that has cooperation with Indonesian operator of my simcard. So I tried to choose other operator and also decided to buy local simcard because I don’t want to loose contact with my parents while I’m at Thailand. The cost for using Indonesian simcard in Thailand is quite expensive and if we stay quite long (more than 3 days), we better buy local simcard to save the cost. This is one of the lesson that I learn from this trip ^__^
Okay, part one is done and continues with part two coming soon :D

note: the yellow orchid photo was taken at near gate D4 when I was going to boarding to go back to Jakarta. Wish could bring it back to Jakarta :D 

Hari – hariku di Thailand

Hari pertama (Minggu 21 November 2010): aku tidak sengaja terbangun sekitar jam setengah empat pagi dan mencoba tidur lagi sampai sekitar jam setengah enam tapi tidak bisa maksimal. Pengennya sih tidur lagi tapi karena teringat harus ke bandara pagi – pagi, aku langsung terbangun dan menyiapkan segalanya. Dengan pertimbangan ini adalah perjalanan ke luar negeri yang pertama, aku sudah membuat daftar apa saja yang perlu aku bawa selama perjalanan ini sejak 3 minggu sebelum hari H dan hari Sabtu sudah mulai packing supaya persiapannya lebih baik.

Akhirnya hari itu aku berangkat dari kos jam 8 pagi dengan pertimbangan bahwa perjalanan ke Gambir dan menunggu penuhnya bis Damri akan memakan waktu kurang lebih satu jam. Tapi ternyata, meskipun pagi itu ada kegiatan car free day di sepanjang jalan Sudirman – Thamrin, tapi jalanan lumayan lancar dan aku sampai Gambir jam 8.15. Menunggu penuhnya bis Damri yang akan ke bandara juga tidak lama, hanya sekitar 15 menit juga. Pagi itu saat aku naik ke bis, baru ada 5 orang termasuk aku dan satu per satu orang mulai naik sehingga tidak lama kemudian bis mulai berangkat. Dan sopirnya pun lumayan ngebut sepanjang jalan menuju ke bandara sehingga aku sampai di sana jam 9.30 pagi.

Setelah turun di terminal 2D dan kesasar ke counter check in Singapore Airlines, sempat pe-de mampir ke counter bebas fiscal padahal harus check in dulu, akhirnya aku berdiri di depan counter check in Thai Airways sekitar 30 menit karena mereka baru buka jam 10 pagi. Aku menikmati pagi yang (awalnya) sepi dengan mengamati orang – orang yang lewat di depanku. Ada orang Asia, Eropa, dan Arab juga para crew pesawat terbang yang mulai berdatangan dengan bagasi mereka masing – masing. Ada yang datang dengan anaknya dan anaknya yang lucu itu yang menjadi perhatianku seperti biasa dengan tingkah polah mereka yang menggemaskan. Eh ada yang bawa binatang juga lho, sepertinya kucing dan anjing sampai 4 ekor. Akhirnya pagi itu mulai semakin ramai seiring berjalannya waktu yang mendekati pukul 11 siang.

Berhubung aku sudah check in jam 10 dan setelah itu antri imigrasi selesai sekitar jam 10.30, aku menunggu di depan gate E1 dimana pesawat Thai Airways akan parkir. Dan menikmati kembali orang – orang yang lewat di depanku untuk ke gate lain sambil mengambil foto bunga krisan putih yang cantik di sebelah tempat dudukku.

Lumayan mengantuk juga setelah duduk 15 menit dan aku mulai pindah ke dalam gate E1 dan menunggu di sana. Ternyata ada orang lain juga yang sudah menunggu di sana dan pada jam 11 petugasnya mulai datang untuk membuka counter check in-nya. Satu per satu penumpang mulai datang ke ruang tunggu gate E1 di sana dan aku mulai menebak apakah mereka orang Thailand atau bukan (untuk orang yang face-nya seperti orang Indonesia). Dan aku ada salah tebak satu orang laki – laki yang sepertinya orang Indonesia tapi ternyata orang Thailand setelah dia berbicara bahasa Thailand di telepon.

Pada sekitar jam 11.15 pesawat Thai Airways dari Bangkok mulai mendarat di airport dan setelah penumpangnya turun semua, naiklah para petugas kebersihan untuk membersihkan dan mempersiapkan pesawatnya untuk digunakan kembali terbang ke Bangkok. Aku agak menyesal kenapa tidak prepare beli roti sebelum boarding karena perutku sudah mulai bernyanyi minta diisi sekitar jam 12 padahal waktu menunggunya masih 35 menit lagi. Dan nanti pada waktu naik pesawat belum tentu langsung diberi makanan karena menunggu pesawatnya stabil dulu di udara. Aduuuuhhh…aku berharap pada waktu itu tidak ada yang mendengar perutku keroncongan dengan merdunya hehehe…

Karena aku belum pernah naik pesawat internasional, aku lumayan kaget melihat susunan kursi pesawatnya dan sempat bingung cari tempat duduknya. Plus terkagum dengan pesawatnya yang lebih besar daripada pesawat domestik, sayang tidak sempat aku foto pada waktu menunggu masuk pesawat ^__^ Aku duduk di dekat gang dan 2 orang di sebelah kiriku adalah bapak dan ibu dari Indonesia juga yang akan training ke Thailand sementara di sebelah kananku adalah bapak – bapak dari Jepang (di tempat duduk tengah).

Tidak lama setelah take off dan pesawatnya mulai stabil di udara, para penumpang mulai dibagikan kacang mede/mete untuk snack dan minuman. Setelah itu ada pembagian handuk kecil panas untuk warming up supaya tidak mengantuk dan membersihkan tangan sebelum makan. Pertamanya bingung juga kenapa dibagikan handuk panas itu dan aku hanya menirukan para penumpang lain harus ngapain dengan handuk itu. Kalau untuk yang laki – laki (ada wanita juga), mereka membersihkan muka dengan handuk itu tapi berhubung aku pakai make up jadi tidak bisa pakai handuk itu di muka dan hanya di tangan dan di leher.

Setelah kebingungan kenapa dikasih handuk panas, kemudian mulai diantarkan makan siang (sebelumnya aku mengira handuk itu hanya untuk warming up saja). Berhubung aku sudah kelaparan *big grin* dari awalnya, maka aku agak tidak sabar menunggu makanan dibagikan hehehe… Makan siangnya enak lho ^___^ Ada 2 pilihan; chicken curry and vegetables with rice atau beef with pasta. Ada desert-nya semacam puding (enaaaakkk) dan minumannya boleh pilih teh atau kopi. Setelah makan siang dikasih minuman lagi dan ada pilihan wine juga untuk yang sudah cukup umur. Pengen sih nyoba minta wine tapi berhubung reaksi alkohol ke aku bikin mukaku merah dan pusing, aku tidak berani minum ^__^

Di pesawat ada fasilitas TV di kursi masing – masing penumpang jadi kita bisa pasang ear phone dan mulai menonton film atau mendengarkan musik. Tapi aku pilih untuk tidur sebentar karena setelah makan mulai merasa mengantuk dan ingin sekali tidur siang. Para pramugara dan pramugarinya ramah, sangat membantu, dan ada yang mirip Angelina Sondakh lhooo ^__^ Pesawatnya mendarat lebih cepat 15 menit di airport Suvarnabhumi sehingga harus menunggu sebentar untuk mendapatkan tempat untuk menurunkan penumpangnya. Dan bandaranya…oh my gosh!!! Bagus, bersih, besar, modern, dan sayangnya agak panas pada waktu menunggu antrian di passport control; sampai ada bapak – bapak Jepang di depanku yang mencopot jas-nya karena kepanasan. Kapan ya Indonesia punya bandara seperti ini? Let’s have the dream and hopefully the government will improve the current international airport Soekarno-Hatta. 

Perjalanan setelah keluar dari pesawat Pengambilan bagasi diatur sesuai kedatangan pesawat dan bagasiku lumayan cepat juga keluarnya. Tidak ada 5 menit sesudah aku berdiri di jalur bagasi no 14, aku kaget melihat koperku sendiri sampai agak sedikit teriak dan membuat seorang perempuan bule di sebelahku memandangku heran hehehe…Setelah mengambil bagasi, aku turun ke lantai 1 untuk antri public taxi dan antriannya lumayan panjang juga ternyata karena orang – orang asing memilih public taxi dan bahkan orang Thailand sendiri.

Setelah melewati jalan tol yang panjang sambil terkantuk – kantuk menikmati pemandangan kota Bangkok yang warna – warni di malam hari selama kurang lebih 1,5 jam, aku sampai di hotel, check in, mulai belajar menggunakan peralatan elektronik di kamar yang serba pencet, dan membongkar barang bawaan. Sekitar pukul 20.30 (waktu di Jakarta dan Thailand sama, jadi tidak perlu mengatur ulang jam atau pusing dengan perbedaan waktu), perutku mulai minta diisi lagi dan aku juga ingin mencari air minum untuk persediaan. Jadi aku memutuskan untuk keluar ke 7 Eleven di dekat hotel (butuh waktu kurang lebih 5 menit jalan kaki) dan di depan mini market itu ada penjual makanan juga. Thanks God aku dapat bantuan dari bapak – bapak yang bisa bahasa inggris dan dia sedang menunggu makanannya juga. Bapak itu membantuku untuk menjelaskan ke penjual kalau aku ingin nasi goreng yang ada sayur,telur, dan tidak pedas (pilihan yang aman buat orang yang baru datang ke Thailand kata si bapak ^__^). Nasi gorengnya enak tapi sayang terlalu banyak minyaknya. Dan di 7 Eleven beli yoghurt selain air mineral untuk disimpan di lemari es kecil di kamar. 

Begitulah hari pertamaku di Thailand, cerita hari selanjutnya disambung lagi ya  ^__^

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

**Story of Appreciation**

One young academically excellent person went to apply for a managerial position in a big company. He passed the first interview; the director did the last interview, made the last decision.

The director discovered from the CV that the youth's academic achievements were excellent all the way, from the secondary school until the postgraduate research, never had a year when he did not score.

The director asked, "Did you obtain any scholarships in school?" the youth answered "none". The director asked, "Was it your father who paid for your school fees?" The youth answered, "My father passed away when I was one year old, it was my mother who paid for my school fees.

The director asked, "Where did your mother work?" The youth answered, "My mother worked as clothes cleaner. The director requested the youth to show his hands. The youth showed a pair of hands that were smooth and perfect. The director asked, "Have you ever helped your mother wash the clothes before?"

The youth answered, "Never, my mother always wanted me to study and read more books. Furthermore, my mother can wash clothes faster than me. The director said, "I have a request. When you go back today, go and clean your mother's hands, and then see me tomorrow morning.”

The youth felt that his chance of landing the job was high. When he went back, he happily requested his mother to let him clean her hands. His mother felt strange, happy but with mixed feelings, she showed her hands to the kid.

The youth cleaned his mother's hands slowly. His tear fell as he did that. It was the first time he noticed that his mother's hands were so wrinkled, and there were so many bruises in her hands. Some bruises were so painful that his mother shivered when they were cleaned with water.

This was the first time the youth realized that it was this pair of hands that washed the clothes everyday to enable him to pay the school fee. The bruises in the mother's hands were the price that the mother had to pay for his graduation, academic excellence and his future.

After finishing the cleaning of his mother hands, the youth quietly washed all the remaining clothes for his mother. That night, mother and son talked for a very long time.

Next morning, the youth went to the director's office. The Director noticed the tears in the youth's eyes, asked: "Can you tell me what have you done and learned yesterday in your house?"

The youth answered, "I cleaned my mother's hand, and also finished cleaning all the remaining clothes.”

The Director asked, "Please tell me your feelings."

The youth said, Number 1, I know now what appreciation is. Without my mother, there would not the successful me today. Number 2, by working together and helping my mother, only I now realize how difficult and tough it is to get something done. Number 3, I have come to appreciate the importance and value of family relationship.

The director said, "This is what I am looking for to be my manager. I want to recruit a person who can appreciate the help of others, a person who knows the sufferings of others to get things done, and a person who would not put money as his only goal in life. You are hired.

Later on, this young person worked very hard, and received the respect of his subordinates. Every employee worked diligently and as a team. The company's performance improved tremendously.

(copied from an email I received from Reader Digest Indonesia milling list)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Daftar Nomor Telepon Surgawi

Puji Tuhan, anda telah dapat menelponNya setiap saat !!!
Anda hanya perlu untuk memanggilNya sekali dan Tuhan mendengar anda. Karena Yesus, anda tidak akan pernah mendapat nada sibuk.
Tuhan menerima setiap panggilan dan mengetahui siapa pemanggilnya secara pribadi.
Ketika anda memanggil dan Tuhan akan menjawab; anda akan menangis minta tolong dan DIA akan berkata : “Ini AKU”.
Ketika anda memanggil, gunakan Nomor Telepon Darurat dibawah ini :

Saat Berduka Cita, putar Yohanes 14
Ketika Dikecewakan Sesama, putar Mazmur 27
Jika anda Ingin Berbuah, putar Yohanes 15
Ketika anda Berdosa, putar Mazmur 51
Ketika anda Kawatir, putar Matius 6 : 19 – 34
Ketika anda Dalam Bahaya, putar Mazmur 91
Ketika Tuhan Terasa Jauh, putar Mazmur 139
Ketika Iman anda Perlu Dikuatkan, putar Ibrani 11
Ketika anda Merasa Sendiri dan Takut, putar Mazmur 23
Ketika Hidup anda Sedang Dalam Kepahitan, putar I Korintus 13
Untuk Rahasia Kebahagiaan Paulus, putar Kolose 3 : 12 – 17
Untuk Arti Kekristenan, putar I Korintus 5 : 15 – 19
Ketika anda Merasa Kecewa dan Ditinggalkan, putar Roma 8 : 31 – 39
Ketika anda Menginginkan Kedamaian dan Ketenangan, putar Matius 11 : 25 – 30
Ketika Dunia Terlihat Lebih Besar dari Tuhan, putar Mazmur 90
Ketika anda Ingin Jaminan Kekristenan, putar Roma 8 : 1 – 30
Ketika anda Meninggalkan Rumah untuk Bekerja atau Bepergian, putar Mazmur 121
Untuk Penemuan / Kesempatan Besar, putar Yesaya 55
Ketika anda Membutuhkan Keberanian untuk suatu Tugas, putar Josua 1
Supaya dapat Bergaul dengan Baik terhadap Sesama, putar Roma 12
Ketika anda Memikirkan Kekayaan, putar Markus 10
Saat anda Mengalami Depresi, putar Mazmur 27
Jika anda Kesulitan Keuangan, putar Mazmur 37
Jika anda Kehilangan Kepercayaan terhadap Orang, putar I Korintus 13
Jika Orang disekitar kita tampak Berlaku tidak Baik, putar Yohanes 15
Ketika anda Putus Asa dengan Pekerjaan, putar Mazmur 126
Jika anda menemukan bahwa dunia mengecil, dan anda merasa besar, putar Mazmur 19

Nomor-nomor tersebut dapat langsung dihubungi. Operator tidak diperlukan. Seluruh saluran ke Surga terbuka 24 jam sehari.
Bagikan Daftar Telepon ini kepada orang-orang disekeliling kita. Mana tahu, mungkin mereka sedang membutuhkannya. Jika perlu ajaklah berdoa bersama.

(copas from other blog)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kucing oh Kucing

Binatang satu ini memang ada dimana-mana karena dia mudah beradaptasi dengan lingkungan sekitarnya. Apalagi di sekitar tempat aku kos, wah berbagai macam kucing bisa dilihat di sana. Dari yang besar, kecil, agak bagus, jelek, lagi hamil, dan sebagainya; mereka sudah beredar dimanapun dan kapanpun. Di tempat kos yang sekarang ada satu orang yang sangat menyukai kucing sehingga kalau ada kucing yang tidak sengaja masuk ke dalam, bisa dipelihara tuh si pus meong. Otomatis sejak aku kos di sana, berbagai macam peristiwa yang berkaitan dengan kucing pun menjadi hal – hal yang mewarnai hari – hariku ciiiieeeee…. ^_^

Eh beneran lho! Aku aja terkaget-kaget kenapa macam – macam peristiwa kucing yang aku sudah lihat selama beberapa bulan terakhir ini. Mari kita mulai mengabsen ada peristiwa apa saja selama ini yang sudah kulihat selama aku kos di tempat yang baru.

Pertama, anak kucing terlindas motor. Waktu itu pagi menjelang siang kalau tidak salah, aku ada rencana mau beli stationery buat kantor dan itu melewati gang pasar yang bisa tembus ke toko stationery-nya. Nah, kejadiannya persis terjadi di gang itu. Waktu itu aku dalam posisi menunggu di mulut gang karena ada 2 atau 3 motor yang mau keluar berhubung tidak bisa dilewati orang dan motor sekaligus.

Tiba – tiba, ada satu motor yang pengendaranya Mbak – mbak mau lewat dan di depannya ada kucing kecil. Aku tidak begitu memperhatikan Mbak itu tapi aku tahu ada kucing yang mau lewat di depan motornya. Eh kok tahu – tahu kucing itu sudah ada di bawah roda motor si Mbak dan terlindaslah kucing itu. Aduuuuuhhhh…peristiwa itu cepat sekali terjadinya dan sampai beberapa hari aku masih ingat bagaimana kucing kecil itu menggelepar – gelepar di bawah roda motor. Mana si Mbak ikut – ikutan panik pula tuh, begitu dia sadar nabrak kucing, eh dia jadi maju mundur kebingungan musti ngapain sambil teriak, “Aduh, saya nabrak kucing! Aduh, itu kucingnya gimana?” Untung di sana ada bapak – bapak yang cekatan bertindak dengan minta si Mbak mundurin motornya dan ambil si kucing yang sudah setengah hidup itu. Darahnya si meong sudah keluar dari lehernya yang sepertinya hampir putus itu…hiiiii…

Terus yang kedua, ada kucing melahirkan di depan rumah. Unbelievable!!! Pagi – pagi sudah dikasih tontonan horor kayak begituan (eh berlebihan kali ya hehe…). Tapi kaget juga sih, sama sekali tidak disangka – sangka dan bener – bener surprise ^_^ bisa melihat kejadian langka: kucing melahirkan di tempat umum. Dulu aku pernah pelihara kucing dan anjing, kemudian hanya pelihara anjing di rumah sampai sekarang. Kalau anjing melahirkan aku pernah lihat, tapi kalau kucing belum.

Pagi itu aku lagi jalan kaki dari kos ke kantor dan melewati rumah dan warung yang biasa. Tiba – tiba aku melihat ada kucing sedang mengejan mengeluarkan anaknya di halaman rumah itu. Waduh!!! Pertama kali aku tidak percaya dengan apa yang aku lihat, bener gak sih itu kucing lagi melahirkan? Penasaran dengan si kucing, aku berhenti sebentar dan ternyata kucing itu sedang mengejan untuk melahirkan anak keduanya. Dan ada anak pertamanya yang sudah lahir dengan badan masih basah serta ada darahnya. Oh my gosh!! Aku lihat induk kucing itu mukanya kesakitan dan berusaha mengejan sekuat tenaga.

Kejadian itu juga menarik perhatian orang – orang yang lewat pagi itu untuk ke kantor. Entahlah apa yang terjadi kemudian dengan induk kucing dan anak – anaknya karena aku tidak berani melihat lebih lama lagi proses melahirkannya. Mungkin kalau hari itu libur, aku bisa tungguin tuh kucing, penasaran pengen tahu berapa jumlah anaknya hehe…

Ketiga, kucing yang membawa hasil buruan tikus di moncongnya. Kalau yang ini terjadi pada waktu aku lagi pulang kantor malam – malam dan melewati jalan yang sama ada kucing melahirkan. Ya ampun…ada – ada aja yah. Kucing itu membawa tikus kecil di moncongnya dan sedang mencari tempat untuk “menikmatinya” iiiyeeekksss…Untung aku bukan orang yang gampang jijik jadi cuman kaget aja karena agak ngantuk malam itu dan dikasih “pertunjukan” semacam itu. Aku seneng sih bisa lihat kucing itu dengan tikus di moncongnya dan berharap dia bisa menangkap lebih banyak tikus lagi hehe…Kenapa? Karena di sekitar tempat aku kos banyak tikus dan itu tikus astagaaaa…gede – gede!!! Kalau aku punya pistol, sudah aku tembak deh tuh tikus satu per satu. Mana kucing yang berkeliaran sepertinya tidak punya nyali untuk berburu tikus (kecuali si kucing yang bawa tikus ini tentunya ^_^).

Jadi saudara – saudara, mau cari jenis kucing apapun di lingkungan tempat aku sekarang kos ada. Kucing besar, kecil, lagi bunting, warna hitam, yang lucu, yang jelek, komplit lah hahaha…
Maklumlah, rata – rata kucing kampung jadi tidak bisa berharap bisa melihat kucing yang bagus seperti di foto atas. (foto diambil dari internet).

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tomat Bersahabat dengan Cabai

Tomat adalah buah favorit saya. Eh bentar, buah atau sayur ya? Tomat itu buah, saudara-saudara, karena saya sudah menemukan referensinya di Yahoo! Answers ^_^ Memang si tomat ini sering ada di tukang sayur, makanya banyak yang bingung menyebutkan tomat ini sebagai sayur.

Okay, back to laptop, eh salah, back to tomat ^_^ Dalam cuaca yang tidak menentu (baca: ekstrem) seperti ini, kadang tidak mudah menemukan sayur dan buah yang kita inginkan. Kalau ada, mungkin harganya bisa lebih mahal dari pada biasanya. Nah, sudah beberapa minggu ini saya ingin membeli tomat di supermarket/hypermarket sekalian berbelanja yang lainnya tapi tidak ada stock. Kata staf yang di sana, mereka sudah order tapi belum dikirim dan itu bisa jadi karena pengaruh cuaca yang ekstrem akhir-akhir ini. Huuu…kecewa deh, secara saya juga belum beli tomat ke pasar di deket kos atau ke abang sayur yang suka mangkal di taman sana. Dan akhirnya tadi pagi saya sempat mampir ke lapak tempat si ibu yang jadi langganan saya beli tomat. Saya beli 1 kilo tomat, ¾ kg buncis, dan 1 ons cabai. 

Kenapa saya suka tomat? Hmmm…tidak mudah untuk dijawab. Apakah karena tomat itu bermanfaat (sangat bermanfaat) buat kesehatan kita? Atau karena saya sering melihat papa saya ngemil tomat dengan gula kemudian saya jadi ikut-ikutan? Sebenarnya saya tidak suka memakan tomat begitu saja atau dicampur dengan gula seperti yang papa lakukan. Saya suka tomat yang dicampurkan ke dalam mie, sambal, atau dimakan sebagai lalapan bersama lauk yang lain. Kalau jus tomat saya juga suka, the point is that I like tomato a lot! ^_^

Bicara tentang sambal, tentu itu berkaitan dengan cabai dan selera masyarakat Indonesia yang (sangat) akrab dengan rasanya yang pedas dan menggugah selera itu. Beberapa hari yang lalu saya beli pecel lele dan minta sambalnya 2 bungkus. Nah, sambal pecel lele itu menggunakan tomat, juga ada sambal – sambal yang lain (maaf saya hanya tahu sambal terasi dan belum sambal yang lain karena belum pernah membuatnya tapi sering memakannya hehe…). Wah, rasanya enak! Dan saya semakin jatuh cinta dengan tomat tentunya ^_^

Jadi, kenapa tomat bersahabat dengan cabai? Apakah karena mereka bisa membentuk Mr Smile seperti di foto? Hehe…itu hasil keisengan saya siang ini di kantor ^_^ Tapi yang pasti, tomat dan cabai sama – sama bermanfaat buat kesehatan kita asalkan jangan berlebihan ya makannya, nanti perutnya panas kalau kebanyakan cabai. Kalau kebanyakan tomat saya belum pernah tahu efeknya apa. Lagipula, makan buah dan sayur kan perlu dikombinasi dengan yang lain juga supaya memberikan manfaat bagus buat kesehatan kita.

Okay, it’s time to go home now and put my tomato in the refrigerator to keep it fresh until the next day ^_^ Have a great weekend yaaa (karena ini ditulis pada hari Jumat 29 Oktober 2010 hehe…)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Thai Coconut Roll (with natural banana)

From the ancient annals, episode 40, national library edited version, the story stated that…

During the age of King Narai, Portuguese Marie Guemar (Thaw-thong-geeb-mar), wife to Constantine Falcon (Ork-ya-wi-chai-yen), served as Head-Chef in the royal dessert kitchen. Specialized inmaking dessert from eggs known as “foreign dessert”, she taught Siamese to make various kinds of desserts made from egg yolks, including Thong-yib, Thong-yord, Foy-thong, and Thong-muan (Thai Coconut Roll). The word “Thong”, which means gold, carries the message of delicacy, prosperous, and fortune. Soon after, the exotic taste and the unique aroma of egg yolk desserts led to a necessity of propagating the recipes. Over a short period of time, Egg dessert was widely produced by civilians.

Thong-muan is one of the earliest royal desserts which reflect the delicacy and tenderness of Siamese lifestyle. With this knowledge, Srifa has carefully selected the best recipe of Thong-muan, which is rich in nutrition and comes in many new flavors. Certified by GMP and HACCP, Srifa guarantees hygienic production and packaging process.

Srifa’s Thai Coconut Rolls (Thong muan) With Natural Banana are made from finely selected ingredients, flavored with fresh banana and supplemented with black sesame. With the company’s intention to produce quality products, we guarantee the finest Thai Coconut Rolls that are tasty, rich and flavor full.

Those are the narration that put in the box of the Thai Coconut Rolls which I received from my boss this morning as “oleh-oleh” from Thailand (oleh-oleh is something that you receive from family, friends, or colleagues when they return from holiday or something like that). He was taking leave for 10 days with his family in order to spend together while his older’s son school had a holiday.

As it said that they guarantee the tasted are rich and flavor full, yes indeed!! I like it!!! Nyam nyam nyam hehehe… I think Indonesia and Thailand have some similar food, either the main course or the snack. Hmmm…wondering to know more and this time I shall go there for a hooollliiddaaaayyyy!!! Hahahaha…

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gedubrak!! Ouch!!!!!! Malunyaaaaaa!!!!

Cuaca di Jakarta akhir-akhir ini memang aneh. Kalau para petani menghafalkan musim hujan itu terjadi pada bulan-bulan yang mengandung kata “ber”; seperti September, Oktober, November, dan Desember. Tapi sejak bulan Juni kemarin hujan sudah mulai turun dan itu tidak terduga datangnya. Kadang pagi sampai siang cuacanya cerah ceria, eh tahu-tahu hujan. Haiiiiyaaaaa….musti selalu sedia payung nieh di tas, karena payung itu akan berguna di segala cuaca ^_^

Dan buat aku, hujan itu membikin jengkel selain membuat basah (apalagi kalau hujan disertai angin kencang, wuih, percuma dah pakai payung juga tetep basah). Belum lagi jalanan jadi lebih licin, khususnya di sekitar taman yang ada di seputaran kantor. Kalau jalan juga musti kayak putri solo karena lantainya basah kena cipratan air dari sepatu atau payung orang-orang. Nah, soal jalan pelan-pelan memang bukan keahlianku dan untuk itu aku sudah kena akibatnya.

Kejadiannya sudah bulan lalu tapi masih kuingat sampai sekarang karena selain bikin sakit badan juga bikin malunya minta ampun dah :D Hari itu pagi-pagi sudah mendung dan mulailah hujan turun menjelang siang hari sekitar jam makan siang. Sudah was-was (jadi bikin males) nih musti bawa payung kantor yang segede itu untuk beli makan siang dengan resiko nabrak payung orang lain yang lebih kecil (horeee payungku lebih gede hehe…). Mencoba menelepon delivery, tapi no telp-nya rusak (mungkin karena terlalu banyak yang telepon minta delivery juga) dan akhirnya hujan sudah reda sekitar jam 13.30 plus perut ini sudah protes minta diisi sehingga aku memutuskan untuk keluar kantor cari makan siang. Berpikir untuk mau beli makan di kantin belakang Starbucks yang harus melewati tegel-tegel putih yang licin. Berhubung sudah lapar, otak sudah tidak mikir lagi musti ganti sandal supaya tidak licin dan tetap memakai sepatu sandal yang putih. Berjalan pelan-pelan sampai ke ujung pintu, membuka pintu yang connecting ke parkiran, dan gedubrak!! Waaaadoooooowwww….. saya kepleset dan jatuh! Hahahahaha! Suaranya keras banget dan berhubung masih jam makan siang, jadilah saya tontonan orang-orang yang ada di situ, ouch!! Maluuuunnyaaaaaaa!!!! Untung aja lantainya sudah tidak basah sekali jadi bajuku masih terselamatkan (karena kalau kena air blusku itu akan gampang sekali basah dan aku tidak pakai blazer pada saat itu). Bapak cleaning service yang di situ membantuku berdiri sambil bilang, hati-hati donk Bu… Ya ampun, Pak, ini juga sudah hati-hati, tapi sepatuku licin nih (dalam hati ngomongnya karena masih kaget, malu, dan lagi konsentrasi berdiri biar tidak kepleset yang kedua kalinya hehe…).

2 atau 3 hari kemudian baru terasa siku sebelah kiri agak nyeri karena mungkin aku pakai untuk nahan berat badan pada waktu jatuh. Thanks God tidak sampai kena kepala ^_^ Well, welcome to rainy season and always be careful with your steps wherever you are ^_^

Setelah dicek, ternyata memang bagian bawah sepatuku sudah licin cin cin...pantesan aja kepleset gampang banget huuuu.... Semoga bisa ditambal dengan sol baru supaya bisa dipakai lagi karena bagian-bagian lainnya masih bagus, cuman bawahnya doang yang perlu di-update. My dear shoes, I hope you will accompany me much longer :)

8 (long) hours at Jogjakarta (chapter 1)

8 (long) hours at Jogjakarta (chapter 1)

Wrong title I guess, it should be 8 (short) hours hehehe… 8 hours seem like a time that needed for a sleep, a good enough sleep as advised by the doctor to adult person. But for me, September 1st 2010 could be the one of unforgettable day in my life because I only spent 8 hours at my own hometown.

It’s something that I didn’t expect at all. That night I was going to withdraw money from my ATM and then suddenly I forgot the pin number. I tried one, failed. Second try, failed again. And then the third chance, sorry, I didn’t make it. How I could totally forget my pin number? Don’t ask, I even don’t know the answer until now. It’s so silly yet unbelievable so that caused me to fly to Jogjakarta only for taking care it.

I was a little bit upset with the bank; why they said that the system is not online so I have to go back to the origin branch of my account to take care of it while perhaps they can do more effort to solve my problem. Well, I didn’t want to argue more with them so better I finish it at the soonest before the Lebaran holiday started. So I booked the ticket right away after some weird discussion with my boss to take a business leave for my issue, and then my journey to have 8 (long) hours at Jogjakarta shall begin at 2am of September 1st 2010.

Yes, I woke up at 2am because worry that I could not catch up the plane and need to avoid the traffic jam during the way to the airport. This is Jakarta, everything can happen, and better I arrive there early and wait for the plane than worry for being late because I’m still trap in the traffic jam. That decision also came after asked advice from 2 friends with considering about the way to get to the airport with the taxi. Never been in a taxi for such early morning and thank God the road was quite and lots of big truck that accompanied my way at the toll road to the airport.

I also thank God for the good taxi driver who drove me that morning, he’s kind of a friendly man so it’s good to be warm welcomed on that morning. One thing that surprised me also on that morning is that the small road to go out from my boarding house to the office was locked by a gate. I never realize that there’s a gate right there since I moved to the new boarding house in the middle of May 2010. Day by day I pass by the road and I never see the gate. Well, finally I found out that there is a gate and they close it every midnight until morning. So that morning the gate was still close and I had to do a little bit acrobatic activity to get pass the gate ^_^

Early morning at airport was quite shocking too. I saw the airport was already crowded with passengers who were ready to check in and fly. Even though there were also passengers who had a little bit exercise in the morning by running through the way to the gate of the plane because they were late. What a moment! No wonder sometimes the plane is late because they have to wait for the other passengers that still on the way. But I enjoyed that morning scenery to keep me awake during the waiting time for my plane *big grin*

to be continued...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Elang yang Luar Biasa

Ternyata, Elang adalah unggas yang umurnya paling panjang didunia !
(copas dari milis)

Umurnya dapat mencapai 70 tahun. Tetapi untuk mencapai umur sepanjang itu seekor elang harus membuat keputusan-keputusan yang sangat berat pada saat umurnya mencapai 40 tahun.

Ketika berumur 40 tahun, cakarnya mulai menua,...paruhnya menjadi panjang dan membengkok hingga hampir menyentuh dadanya. Sayapnya menjadi sangat berat karena
bulunya telah tumbuh lebat dan tebal, sehingga menyulitkannya pada waktu terbang di angkasa.

Pada saat itu, elang Cuma punya 2 pilihan, yaitu menunggu kematian atau mengalami
proses transformasi yang sangat menyakitkan sepanjang 150 hari !

Jika ia memilih untuk melakukan transformasi, maka ia harus berusaha keras terbang keatas puncak gunung lalu kemudian membuat sarang di tepi jurang dan tinggal disana selama proses transformasi berlangsung. Pertama-tama, ia harus mematuk-matukan paruhnya pada batu karang sampai paruh tersebut terlepas dari mulutnya, kemudian
berdiam untuk beberapa lama menunggu tumbuhnya paruh baru.

Dengan paruh yang baru tumbuh itu, ia harus mencabut satu-persatu cakar-cakarnya dan ketika cakar yang baru tumbuh, ia akan mencabut bulu badannya satu demi satu.
Satu proses yang panjang dan menyakitkan yaitu ia harus menunggu selama lima bulan, baru bulu-bulunya tumbuh kembali. Lalu dengan paruh dan cakar dan bulu-bulu yang baru, elang tersebut akan menjalani 30 tahun kehidupan barunya dengan penuh semangat!
………KKkkkkk …...!!!

Sahabat, seperti keputusan elang tadi. Begitu juga dalam kehidupan kita, kadang kala kita harus melakukan suatu keputusan yang sangat berat untuk memulai sesuatu proses pembaharuan. Kita harus berani dan mau membuang semua kebiasaan lama yang mengikat, zona nyaman kita. Kita harus rela meninggalkan perilaku lama agar kita dapat memulai terbang lagi menggapai tujauan yang lebih baik di masa depan.
Atau kita lebih memilih untuk "mati" secara perlahan karena prilaku2 usang yang akan menghambat seluruh proses perbaikan untuk masa depan kita, semuanya ada ditangan kita masing2..

Tetap semangat dan menyemangati :)
Kiiii…iiiiiii..i.i….eeeeeeeee..ekkkk…kkkkkkk..kkkkkkkk ………….!!!!!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Beautiful Rainbow as the marvelous present for 8 hours at Jogjakarta

Oh my gosh! What time is it? 2am? Ups, are you kidding? This is the world record that I woke up at 2am and could not go back to sleep again. Is it because I was nervous that I could be overslept and be left out by my Lion? Hahaha… I guess so. And yes it was the earliest time for me to wake up in order to prepare myself to catch up my morning flight.

With a little error condition in my stomach and very sleepy eyes, finally I arrived at the airport and wait for the plane at the boarding area. I almost fell to sleep again but I could not and just enjoy the situation around me. I wonder how people can still choose early flight; because it’s cheap? For some persons yes, because sometimes the cheapest flight will be the early morning and the late night flights. When we do online booking to get the cheapest promo ticket, not much that we can choose ^_^ But for me, it’s just because I need to arrive at Jogjakarta at earliest time so I can finish my issue and still have some time to meet friends before go back to Jakarta.

Well, I did it ^_^ I am still quite amazed how I woke up that early, then had the short 8 hours at Jogjakarta, and go back to Jakarta in the same day without any tired feeling at all, the trip was safe, everything run as what I expected, and just thank God for beautiful rainbow ^_^

The rainbow accompanied me on the way back to airport with Liana who was taking me at the back of her motorcycle. Thanks a lot for the ride, Li, I’m so glad that I had the meeting with you during my short trip at Jogjakarta ^_^ I hope we can share more stories at your boarding house ya, not because you have offered your room for me to stay (thank you in advance, Li, glad to hear that hehehe…) ; but also because I can learn lots of life lessons from your stories; I appreciate your time to meet me, Li ^_^

I almost cried seeing the rainbow; not just because it’s so beautiful beyond words, but also because I was so overwhelmed by the greatness of God. Also some sentimental feeling that I was on the way back to Jakarta when I wanted to stay longer at my hometown to see my brother and his family that I could not meet yet because of the limited time. Ups, hehehe… I’m so sorry for that :( The rainbow was very close that I thought I could touch it even grab have those colors and put them in my body as my jacket…hahahahaha what an imagination! :D Because I don’t have any camera and the situation that time didn’t support me to take a picture, so I looked at the rainbow quite long, took a picture of it with my eyes, and keep it in my brain ^_^ Thank you, God, for the marvelous present! You are awesome!

*picture taken from country living website

Monday, August 23, 2010

Unforgettable 3 hours at the night of Monday August 23rd 2010

Oh my gosh! Gimana caranya ya berkomunikasi dengan anak expat keturunan Thailand? Yang besar lumayan bisa bahasa Inggris meskipun belum lancar, tapi paling tidak dia bisa mengerti apa yang aku bicarakan. Tapi yang kecil ini, dia pure anak Thailand lho… Kalau buat anak seumuran dia di negaranya sana, dia sudah pintar berbahasa. Tapi buat aku, wah musti mikir dulu kalo mau ngomong sama dia.

But I know one thing that I was learning from AGC Promise Land Children Church; if you are sincere and willing to go into the same level with kids, it’s easy for you to go into their world without any hindrances. We will talk the same language and that’s what we called ‘love’ ^_^ so, let’s work in out, gals! ^_^

Actually this is not the first time I met both kids. My boss has already brought them to office when they came at the first time to Jakarta last year with his wife. And up to now, they have been coming to office and get along with all of us. They are like the other kids, especially boys. They like to teasing each other, running, screaming, drawing, and playing around. So welcome to the screaming world! hahaha…

Like I guess, there could be screaming and teasing during the 3 hours. But never came in my mind that it would cost my forehead to be hit by their one of their toys and its hurt!! Huuuuaaaaa… I almost cried because the tennis racket hit my forehead so strong because the youngest kid played with it near my head (swinging it around) :(

But I could not cry because his face was quite cute when I spoke to him in English that he has hurt me with his racket and I don’t want to play again with him. Hahaha… I think he understood my conversation that time because I was showing a very sad face while holding my forehead that was hit. I guess he was showing his sympathy too, hehehe… what a boy! ^_^

Well, 3 hours was quite short actually because most of time we were doing many activities, such as watching TV, playing Lego, eat cookies, reading books, and finally drawing. Like I said earlier, the language that we used was love at most of the time. It’s because the older one is not so fluent in English yet, and the youngest is very fluent in Thai. So when the young boy talking in Thai, sometimes his brother was trying to explain the meaning to me and then he could not and just give me a big grin hahaha… And when I wanted to ask the young boy to finish his cookies, I asked his brother to tell him. So we played translation games actually wuahahaha… LOL! :D

But you know, kids are still naïf and they have sincere heart. If they see that the adult person is caring and loving, they can easily get along with him or her. When I came there, I got a warm welcome from the young boy who hug me and said “P’ Yulia!” ^_^

Unforgettable… :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kapan ya? (2)

Ups, ngomongin “kapan ya” ya enggak habis – habis donk *big grin* But as long as you have already understood the key, then there will be answer for the question “kapan ya”.

But for a single woman in my age, there’s a special issue related to the question “kapan ya”. Can you guess? Yep, it’s about marriage life. When you will get married, remember how old you are right now, what you are waiting, don’t postpone anymore, we want to have grandchildren from you, and many more. Are those questions seemed familiar for you? For me yes, couple year ago my parents still ask me about that. But not again for now, yipppiiiieeee ^_^ hahaha….

Well, I thank God that I can give a good and reasonable reason to my parents and they can understand why I am not thinking about that first right now. And I need not to worry about that anymore, what a relief hehehe… He knows the best for me and I just have to believe Him for that 

I just know deep down in my heart that I shall not worry about that and I should focus on how to finish what I have in front of me right now. Let’s keep on keeping on, girl and do your best until you see the result! ^_^

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kapan ya?

Kapan, kapan, kita berjumpa lagi… Kapan, kapan, kita bertemu lagi… Mungkin esok, kita berjumpa lagi *singing mode on*

Lho, kok malah nyanyi tho? Liriknya sudah lupa pula hahaha… *lol*

Never mind, back to the topic and let’s find out the answer to that question. But wait, do I have the answer? I don’t think so; depend on the other words that following after those 2 words. So, let’s go further with more words after ‘kapan ya’.

Let’s see, if I question: kapan ya Indonesia bisa bebas dari korupsi, kemiskinan, dan masalah – masalah lainnya? Wah, dalem ya pertanyaannya hehehe… Untuk orang yang sudah muak dengan segala permasalahan bangsa ini, jawabannya mungkin tidak jauh dari “kapan – kapan, emang gua pikirin, auk ah gelap, nanti kalau saya jadi presiden, kapan ya? Lho, kok malah gantian nanya?” Hehehe…

Kemarin kita baru saja merayakan hari kemerdekaan Indonesia yang ke 65 tahun. Happy Birthday, Indonesia! Masih banyak pe-er yang harus dikerjakan oleh pemerintahan saat ini, semua pihak mengakui hal tersebut. Apakah itu hanya tanggung jawab pemerintah saja? Tentu saja tidak, kita sebagai warga negara Indonesia masing – masing punya tanggung jawab yang tidak kalah pentingnya dengan pemerintah kita. Oh really? Yes, yes, and yes, absolutely yes.

Perubahan ke arah yang lebih baik sangat dibutuhkan Indonesia dan hal itu bisa dimulai dari hal – hal kecil oleh setiap pribadi yang berdiam di tanah air Indonesia tercinta ini dan mengaku dirinya warga negara Indonesia. Jika tiap orang mau dengan kesadaran pribadi yang super luar biasa rela untuk melakukan perubahan kecil – kecil di kehidupannya, tentu tindakannya itu akan membawa dampak yang perlahan namun pasti ke orang – orang di sekitarnya.

For me, I shall start it by living a discipline life (again). I did it but then recently I am more to loose my discipline life; simple thing like wake up early in the morning. Although my boarding house is now closer to my workplace, but still I need to wake up earlier so I can exercise and cook for my breakfast and dinner. By doing so, I will have a good shape and healthy body *imagine what it looks like hehehe…* while I can save more money too because I don’t have to buy food for breakfast and dinner and usually for lunch I buy the food for practical reason. Besides of having the good and healthy body, I will have more energy too to work. If supported by good food that I cook for breakfast and dinner, the result will be much better. I need not to worry to lose my energy during the weekdays even when I need to work overtime.

Little changes will require commitment, discipline, and perseverance. And I better start it now so I can enjoy the result starting on one month from now. Jiayou jiayou!! ^_^

Monday, August 16, 2010


Kecil, ringan, ada dimana – mana, dan buat beberapa orang yang alergi debu, benda itu sangat tidak diharapkan kehadirannya. Juga untuk para ibu yang membersihkan rumahnya yang terletak di pinggir jalan, wah benar – benar tugas yang tidak ada habisnya tuh, every day must clean the house.

Buat aku, kalau ingat debu, aku ingat bagaimana Davina (anaknya temanku Inggrid dan David) bersin – bersin pada waktu dia mainan CD di rak dekat televisi di apartemen mereka. Inggrid bilang, anaknya itu alergi debu, sama dengan dirinya. Lucu sekali mukanya Davina pada waktu dia bersin, sudah imut tambah imut pula ^_^ hahaha maaf ya Ing, doesn’t mean anything but she’s truly a cute little girl:D That’s why I like to take pictures of her so many times and I could not forget her cute face that day when she was sneezing couple times hehehe…

Sekarang di tempat kosku lagi banyak debu karena ada renovasi rumah untuk dijadikan kamar kos baru. Hmmm…aku harus menutup jendela kamarku dan itu bikin udaranya di dalam kamar jadi tambah panas dan pengap hiks…hiks…hiks… Pernah aku buka pintu supaya ada pergantian udara, eh ada tikus kecil nyelonong masuk kamarku whuuauaaaaa….untung aja dia langsung keluar begitu aku teriak dan usir dia pake hentakan kaki. Huft, jadi serba bingung deh, buka jendela salah, buka pintu juga salah hehehe…ayo mikir strateginya ^_^

Atau pindah kos? Bukan karena debu aja sih, tapi aku pengen kamar yang ventilasinya lebih besar dan sinar mataharinya bisa masuk. Eh, besok kan tanggal merah kan? Let’s hunt the new place! Semoga bisa dapet yang cocok ya ^_^

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Passport process

It’s fun!!! Is that honest expression? Hahaha…
I don’t have any words to express the process when I was applying for my first passport. Oh really? Hmmm…perhaps I can also say exciting, tiring, and great ^_^ See? It’s more than fun right? Hehehe…

I thank God that finally I got the opportunity to apply for a passport and the process was not so scary like what I thought. First, I thought the cost will be expensive and the process will take few weeks. But then I found out that the cost is only 275,000 IDR and the process was nearly 8 working days. That’s only if we do everything by ourselves and not through a help from a passport pander of course. Second, there was a thought that they will ask for a letter that proves I’m the Indonesian citizen because I look like Chinese; the letter is Surat Bukti Kewarganeraan Indonesia (SBKRI or Indonesian Citizen Papers). If your parents are Chinese and born around 1940 something or less than that year, we do have this issue long time ago. But thanks God that since few years back, we don’t use such papers anymore and we just use the birth certificate, ID card (KTP), and family card (Kartu Keluarga).

So bring the complete documents and be confident in applying the passport at the Immigration Office, the process will not be smooth from the beginning until you receive the passport. Don’t forget to prepare your body also by having a good sleep because you must wake up early and please have your breakfast first before you go there; it will give you the energy for the day especially when you need to go there by public transportation. And you can also bring a book for you can read while you wait for the queue, although you can see some interesting views at the Immigration Office (especially South Jakarta Immigration Office). Why? Because there were some expatriates with their family like from Asia and Europe who were having a photo session for their limited stay visa. So you will not get bored while you wait for your number to be called during the queue ^_^

Okay, that’s all for now, guys, have a nice day for you all!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sakit leher?????

Kalau kita bicara tentang sakit leher, ada 2 kemungkinan yang bisa terjadi (based on my own experience).

Pertama, sakit leher karena sakit tenggorokan; bahasa Jawa-nya “pancingen”. Biasa tanda – tandanya adalah kalau buat menelan sakit dan itu bisa dicurigai sebagai gejala batuk dan flu.

Dan yang kedua, sakit leher karena “tengeng” akibat dari salah posisi pada waktu tidur dan pada waktu bangun tidur paginya leher terasa sakit, tidak bisa menengok ke kiri atau ke kanan secara leluasa. Orang – orang biasa menyebutnya salah bantal. Lucu ya, bantal kok disalahin *big grin*, tapi istilah itu sudah terkenal di dunia maya lho, jadi salah kaprah istilah memang banyak terjadi di negeri tercinta ini, harap maklum ya hehehe…

Nah, kalau buat saya sendiri, sakit leher itu ternyata akibat dari masuk angin. Lha, kok bisa? Saya sendiri juga heran kenapa bisa sampai begitu dan tahunya masuk angin juga setelah 2 kali fisioterapi. Dan itu juga setelah mendapat cerita dari sopir taxi yang pada hari Kamis itu (29 Juli 2010) mengantarkan saya ke kantor imigrasi Jakarta Selatan.

Si bapak sopir itu melihat saya yang sedang kesakitan memegangi leher bertanya kenapa dan setelah dia tahu kalau itu karena “tengeng”, bapak sopir itu menyarankan saya untuk minum Tolak Angin Sido Muncul yang cair sebelum tidur, supaya besok paginya bisa sembuh. Si bapak sopir itu berbicara berdasarkan pengalamannya pribadi; bahkan dia sempat dipijat dua kali belum sembuh juga. Akhirnya ada yang menyarankannya untuk minum Tolak Angin cair sebelum tidur, eh besok paginya sembuh!! Woooowww…saya langsung semangat ingin mencoba, tapi baru sempat beli pas pulang kantornya. Jadi malam itu saya minum dan besok pagi leher saya terasa jauh lebih baik. Thanks God, what a relieved… Berhasil!!! Yiiipppieee!!! ^_^

Akhirnya hari Jumat saya bisa bekerja dengan posisi leher yang jauh lebih baik dan dari kejadian ini saya belajar untuk lebih menjaga kesehatan. Saya juga bersyukur dengan menjalani 2 kali fisioterapi saya diajarin juga untuk senam leher oleh ibu fisioterapis yang bekerja di sana (many thanks ya bu ^_^). Karena lebih baik senam leher itu daripada leher di-“kretek – kretek” kalau terasa pegal, begitu kata ibunya. Terima kasih juga buat bapak dokter yang sudah memberikan 2 obat untuk melemaskan otot dan efeknya bikin nguuaantuuk *big grin*

Okay, that’s all for now about the stiffed neck, it’s already recovered and it’s time for the new spirit to work harder and smarter! Semangat! ^___^