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Monday, October 18, 2010

Thai Coconut Roll (with natural banana)

From the ancient annals, episode 40, national library edited version, the story stated that…

During the age of King Narai, Portuguese Marie Guemar (Thaw-thong-geeb-mar), wife to Constantine Falcon (Ork-ya-wi-chai-yen), served as Head-Chef in the royal dessert kitchen. Specialized inmaking dessert from eggs known as “foreign dessert”, she taught Siamese to make various kinds of desserts made from egg yolks, including Thong-yib, Thong-yord, Foy-thong, and Thong-muan (Thai Coconut Roll). The word “Thong”, which means gold, carries the message of delicacy, prosperous, and fortune. Soon after, the exotic taste and the unique aroma of egg yolk desserts led to a necessity of propagating the recipes. Over a short period of time, Egg dessert was widely produced by civilians.

Thong-muan is one of the earliest royal desserts which reflect the delicacy and tenderness of Siamese lifestyle. With this knowledge, Srifa has carefully selected the best recipe of Thong-muan, which is rich in nutrition and comes in many new flavors. Certified by GMP and HACCP, Srifa guarantees hygienic production and packaging process.

Srifa’s Thai Coconut Rolls (Thong muan) With Natural Banana are made from finely selected ingredients, flavored with fresh banana and supplemented with black sesame. With the company’s intention to produce quality products, we guarantee the finest Thai Coconut Rolls that are tasty, rich and flavor full.

Those are the narration that put in the box of the Thai Coconut Rolls which I received from my boss this morning as “oleh-oleh” from Thailand (oleh-oleh is something that you receive from family, friends, or colleagues when they return from holiday or something like that). He was taking leave for 10 days with his family in order to spend together while his older’s son school had a holiday.

As it said that they guarantee the tasted are rich and flavor full, yes indeed!! I like it!!! Nyam nyam nyam hehehe… I think Indonesia and Thailand have some similar food, either the main course or the snack. Hmmm…wondering to know more and this time I shall go there for a hooollliiddaaaayyyy!!! Hahahaha…

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