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Beautiful Flower
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine’s day…what a day :))

If a friend asked me what do you on Valentine’s day that fell on Tuesday February 14th 2012? My answer is this: took sick leave! Hahaha…

No, I’m not kidding, friend…this year’s Valentine’s day is just so special for me :D Actually as a single woman, I have easy agenda for celebrating the Valentine’s day but it’s not so important yet *wink But because since Sunday I have been experiencing unwell body condition and it was getting worst by Monday morning that caused me to take sick leave on that day and also on Tuesday. But God has His own way to cheer my day up during my sick leave by using a little girl to make me laugh and as the old proverb says, the cheerful heart is a good medicine for the body; it is true, my dear ^_^

On Monday morning near mid day I went out for buying snacks, lunch, and medicine at the drug store near office and as I walked down the narrow alley, there’s a little girl around 4 years old that I know as the child of the owner of one of food stalls around that area. She was chatting with an adult man (an employee) who teasing her often and they look familiar to each other. When I passed in front of them, suddenly I heard the kid saying, “Why are you always looking at me? (ngapain liat-liat) Better you look at that beautiful woman (mendingan liatin tuh cewek cantik itu tuh)” while her eyes are appointing to me. Hahaha… I don’t know how come this little girl said that kind of saying while I that time was putting a pink mask over my face. All I did behind the mask was laughing all the way to the drugstore and until now when I remember this event, I just give a big grin :D

I can’t thank enough to my God Jesus Christ for giving me such a sweet moment like that ^_^ I’m amazed how God can make that little girl to pay attention to me while she couldn’t see my full face and finally that cheerful moment really gives me a teary moment also because of His sweet attention can be seen unexpectedly; a sweet surprise, Lord! BIG THANKS!!! You really made my day and BIG HUG for You my Valentine!!! ^___^