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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

8 (long) hours at Jogjakarta (chapter 1)

8 (long) hours at Jogjakarta (chapter 1)

Wrong title I guess, it should be 8 (short) hours hehehe… 8 hours seem like a time that needed for a sleep, a good enough sleep as advised by the doctor to adult person. But for me, September 1st 2010 could be the one of unforgettable day in my life because I only spent 8 hours at my own hometown.

It’s something that I didn’t expect at all. That night I was going to withdraw money from my ATM and then suddenly I forgot the pin number. I tried one, failed. Second try, failed again. And then the third chance, sorry, I didn’t make it. How I could totally forget my pin number? Don’t ask, I even don’t know the answer until now. It’s so silly yet unbelievable so that caused me to fly to Jogjakarta only for taking care it.

I was a little bit upset with the bank; why they said that the system is not online so I have to go back to the origin branch of my account to take care of it while perhaps they can do more effort to solve my problem. Well, I didn’t want to argue more with them so better I finish it at the soonest before the Lebaran holiday started. So I booked the ticket right away after some weird discussion with my boss to take a business leave for my issue, and then my journey to have 8 (long) hours at Jogjakarta shall begin at 2am of September 1st 2010.

Yes, I woke up at 2am because worry that I could not catch up the plane and need to avoid the traffic jam during the way to the airport. This is Jakarta, everything can happen, and better I arrive there early and wait for the plane than worry for being late because I’m still trap in the traffic jam. That decision also came after asked advice from 2 friends with considering about the way to get to the airport with the taxi. Never been in a taxi for such early morning and thank God the road was quite and lots of big truck that accompanied my way at the toll road to the airport.

I also thank God for the good taxi driver who drove me that morning, he’s kind of a friendly man so it’s good to be warm welcomed on that morning. One thing that surprised me also on that morning is that the small road to go out from my boarding house to the office was locked by a gate. I never realize that there’s a gate right there since I moved to the new boarding house in the middle of May 2010. Day by day I pass by the road and I never see the gate. Well, finally I found out that there is a gate and they close it every midnight until morning. So that morning the gate was still close and I had to do a little bit acrobatic activity to get pass the gate ^_^

Early morning at airport was quite shocking too. I saw the airport was already crowded with passengers who were ready to check in and fly. Even though there were also passengers who had a little bit exercise in the morning by running through the way to the gate of the plane because they were late. What a moment! No wonder sometimes the plane is late because they have to wait for the other passengers that still on the way. But I enjoyed that morning scenery to keep me awake during the waiting time for my plane *big grin*

to be continued...

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