Beautiful Flower

Beautiful Flower
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Beautiful Rainbow as the marvelous present for 8 hours at Jogjakarta

Oh my gosh! What time is it? 2am? Ups, are you kidding? This is the world record that I woke up at 2am and could not go back to sleep again. Is it because I was nervous that I could be overslept and be left out by my Lion? Hahaha… I guess so. And yes it was the earliest time for me to wake up in order to prepare myself to catch up my morning flight.

With a little error condition in my stomach and very sleepy eyes, finally I arrived at the airport and wait for the plane at the boarding area. I almost fell to sleep again but I could not and just enjoy the situation around me. I wonder how people can still choose early flight; because it’s cheap? For some persons yes, because sometimes the cheapest flight will be the early morning and the late night flights. When we do online booking to get the cheapest promo ticket, not much that we can choose ^_^ But for me, it’s just because I need to arrive at Jogjakarta at earliest time so I can finish my issue and still have some time to meet friends before go back to Jakarta.

Well, I did it ^_^ I am still quite amazed how I woke up that early, then had the short 8 hours at Jogjakarta, and go back to Jakarta in the same day without any tired feeling at all, the trip was safe, everything run as what I expected, and just thank God for beautiful rainbow ^_^

The rainbow accompanied me on the way back to airport with Liana who was taking me at the back of her motorcycle. Thanks a lot for the ride, Li, I’m so glad that I had the meeting with you during my short trip at Jogjakarta ^_^ I hope we can share more stories at your boarding house ya, not because you have offered your room for me to stay (thank you in advance, Li, glad to hear that hehehe…) ; but also because I can learn lots of life lessons from your stories; I appreciate your time to meet me, Li ^_^

I almost cried seeing the rainbow; not just because it’s so beautiful beyond words, but also because I was so overwhelmed by the greatness of God. Also some sentimental feeling that I was on the way back to Jakarta when I wanted to stay longer at my hometown to see my brother and his family that I could not meet yet because of the limited time. Ups, hehehe… I’m so sorry for that :( The rainbow was very close that I thought I could touch it even grab have those colors and put them in my body as my jacket…hahahahaha what an imagination! :D Because I don’t have any camera and the situation that time didn’t support me to take a picture, so I looked at the rainbow quite long, took a picture of it with my eyes, and keep it in my brain ^_^ Thank you, God, for the marvelous present! You are awesome!

*picture taken from country living website

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