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Monday, August 23, 2010

Unforgettable 3 hours at the night of Monday August 23rd 2010

Oh my gosh! Gimana caranya ya berkomunikasi dengan anak expat keturunan Thailand? Yang besar lumayan bisa bahasa Inggris meskipun belum lancar, tapi paling tidak dia bisa mengerti apa yang aku bicarakan. Tapi yang kecil ini, dia pure anak Thailand lho… Kalau buat anak seumuran dia di negaranya sana, dia sudah pintar berbahasa. Tapi buat aku, wah musti mikir dulu kalo mau ngomong sama dia.

But I know one thing that I was learning from AGC Promise Land Children Church; if you are sincere and willing to go into the same level with kids, it’s easy for you to go into their world without any hindrances. We will talk the same language and that’s what we called ‘love’ ^_^ so, let’s work in out, gals! ^_^

Actually this is not the first time I met both kids. My boss has already brought them to office when they came at the first time to Jakarta last year with his wife. And up to now, they have been coming to office and get along with all of us. They are like the other kids, especially boys. They like to teasing each other, running, screaming, drawing, and playing around. So welcome to the screaming world! hahaha…

Like I guess, there could be screaming and teasing during the 3 hours. But never came in my mind that it would cost my forehead to be hit by their one of their toys and its hurt!! Huuuuaaaaa… I almost cried because the tennis racket hit my forehead so strong because the youngest kid played with it near my head (swinging it around) :(

But I could not cry because his face was quite cute when I spoke to him in English that he has hurt me with his racket and I don’t want to play again with him. Hahaha… I think he understood my conversation that time because I was showing a very sad face while holding my forehead that was hit. I guess he was showing his sympathy too, hehehe… what a boy! ^_^

Well, 3 hours was quite short actually because most of time we were doing many activities, such as watching TV, playing Lego, eat cookies, reading books, and finally drawing. Like I said earlier, the language that we used was love at most of the time. It’s because the older one is not so fluent in English yet, and the youngest is very fluent in Thai. So when the young boy talking in Thai, sometimes his brother was trying to explain the meaning to me and then he could not and just give me a big grin hahaha… And when I wanted to ask the young boy to finish his cookies, I asked his brother to tell him. So we played translation games actually wuahahaha… LOL! :D

But you know, kids are still naïf and they have sincere heart. If they see that the adult person is caring and loving, they can easily get along with him or her. When I came there, I got a warm welcome from the young boy who hug me and said “P’ Yulia!” ^_^

Unforgettable… :)

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