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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Passport process

It’s fun!!! Is that honest expression? Hahaha…
I don’t have any words to express the process when I was applying for my first passport. Oh really? Hmmm…perhaps I can also say exciting, tiring, and great ^_^ See? It’s more than fun right? Hehehe…

I thank God that finally I got the opportunity to apply for a passport and the process was not so scary like what I thought. First, I thought the cost will be expensive and the process will take few weeks. But then I found out that the cost is only 275,000 IDR and the process was nearly 8 working days. That’s only if we do everything by ourselves and not through a help from a passport pander of course. Second, there was a thought that they will ask for a letter that proves I’m the Indonesian citizen because I look like Chinese; the letter is Surat Bukti Kewarganeraan Indonesia (SBKRI or Indonesian Citizen Papers). If your parents are Chinese and born around 1940 something or less than that year, we do have this issue long time ago. But thanks God that since few years back, we don’t use such papers anymore and we just use the birth certificate, ID card (KTP), and family card (Kartu Keluarga).

So bring the complete documents and be confident in applying the passport at the Immigration Office, the process will not be smooth from the beginning until you receive the passport. Don’t forget to prepare your body also by having a good sleep because you must wake up early and please have your breakfast first before you go there; it will give you the energy for the day especially when you need to go there by public transportation. And you can also bring a book for you can read while you wait for the queue, although you can see some interesting views at the Immigration Office (especially South Jakarta Immigration Office). Why? Because there were some expatriates with their family like from Asia and Europe who were having a photo session for their limited stay visa. So you will not get bored while you wait for your number to be called during the queue ^_^

Okay, that’s all for now, guys, have a nice day for you all!

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