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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From Monday to Saturday at Thailand (part 2)

Fiuuuuhhhh…finally first day at head office had been successfully finished with meeting so many new but old people right there.

Wait, old? New? What do you mean, Yulia; are they all older than you but new employees? Heheheee…let me explain and don’t misunderstood okay :D New in this term means that for me they are new people who I met for the first time at head office after so many months talking to them through emails and phones only. But for K. Nong that I met in the Monday morning, she was new employee at head office also K. Prateep at IGS department, and K. Kai at Finance department (the people I know); while the other people are old means they are seniors at there and you can see how senior they are from their title (department manager, vice president, and so on). People come and go in our life; such as the person who has come to my office before now already gone before I have a chance to meet him at head office. Quite surprise when found out about this when I was asking about this person to K. Toni at there.

Okay, the training will start in a moment and that Tuesday morning I had to choose my breakfast carefully because I don’t want my stomach to sound with “strange noises” during the training time *big grin* Started on Tuesday and will end on Thursday, all of us will have a SAP training. Who is all of us? We are the staffs from representative office of Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, and China; so total are 6 persons because from India there are 2 persons who came for the training. I’m so thankful that I could meet them at head office and get along with them for a while during the challenging SAP training. Here they are the beautiful Asian Girls who attended the SAP training with me ^__^ Good memory to be remembered for sure and so glad to know you all, girls :D Can you guess which one that already married and she’s currently pregnant with baby no 2? And she asked me to go to Pattaya next year to have the holiday together :D ups, have to save a lot money started from now then hahahaaaa….

We got favor from the Finance Manager K. Chumphon and VP Finance K. Pannee who treated us for lunch on Tuesday and Thursday (many thanks ka :D). No wonder if Ain (from Malaysia) said in her facebook that her diet program was messy because during her stays at Thailand, she just kept eating and eating and eating hehehee…and me toooo!!! Oh my gosh!!! As I said before, I could not resist the temptation of Thai food although most of them are more spicy than Indonesian food. On Monday evening, K. Euam and K. Prateep treated me for dinner at Central Plaza mall which located at other area (different Central Plaza near the Richmond hotel where I stayed). We ate something like a food of raw fish that served with spices, strong seasoning, and guess what…with grapefruit!!! The taste is sour but also fresh and delicious too :D Never seen any kind of food like that before and I’d like to find out more about using grapefruit for the food. When the food reached your mouth, you will feel a kind of strong feeling that a mixing of sour and spicy. Whoooaaaa…want to eat that again!!! Hahaha…LOL

When we ate at small restaurant near office, we had a kind of dessert that I really want to try again. If I could get the recipe, I would like to make it by myself hahaha… Unfortunately I forgot to take picture of it but how about the delicious taste? It’s still in my memory *grinning* The desert was a white bread that eaten with a green sauce made from coconut; just perfect and made you want to eat more and more and more :D Hey, wait, for this food I got the picture and we ate this on Thursday night for dinner with K. Euam and K. Mod at an open air ordinary street restaurant near the office. The seafood is steamed and you need to put it into a spicy sauce before eat it. We ate that with Pad Thai or fried rice or just eat like that it’s also delicious. You can find shrimp, snail, scallop, and squid in the basket and it’s more than enough for having a full stomach if you eat all of them without the Pad Thai :D 

So, the second lesson that I got from this trip is that don’t bother about your diet program or, if you still want to keep your weight under control then do some exercises that suit to you (easy to speak but hard to do right hehehe…)

Anyway, did you have a chance to go for shopping and sightseeing, Yulia? If you asked me that, my answer is more to no than to yes eventhough I went to Siam Paragon mall that Wednesday night and also to MBK on Friday night. I had a thought to extend the trip until the weekend but I changed my mind because this trip was more tended as a business trip with objective for training and not a vacation. So next year I should come back to have the real vacation hahaha…

The traffic at Bangkok is quite the same with Jakarta although in some cases can be better at Bangkok because they have the Bangkok Sky Train already to reach some shopping places from one site to other site quite fast. But I went to Siam Paragon by car that night with K. Es, K. Toni (he is the driver and the owner of the car ka, also the initiator for going to Siam Paragon ^_^), K. Salma, Ain, and Lan Anh; and we were stuck in traffic jam for some time. At that mall we had a Mexican food and also had sightseeing for the night market at the opposite of the mall (Lan Anh chose to go back to hotel after dinner because she’s sleepy). That time K. Toni accompanied Ain to shop clothes and shoes while I, K. Es, and K. Salma were walking around to see the other street shops around that area while waiting for both of them.

While at MBK, I had another Pad Thai with Ms Eda (she’s from Phillipine so I call her Ms Eda from her full name Edalin A. Timtiman) and this Pad Thai is quite sweet and not spicy. Different with what I had at the hotel and at the seafood restaurant. MBK is like a shopping mall where you can buy souvenirs (T-Shirts, handycrafts, key chains and so on), cheap clothes, accessories (like belts, hair accessories, and many more), pashmina, bags, Thai snacks, and of course eating Thai foods at the food court. But you know what, there is also a Balinese food at their international food court when we walked around the area before decided to buy. And while at there, I saw some blonde tourists besides of the tourists from other countries too. Wooowww…I was not the only tourist that night I guess :D and I was considering myself not as a tourist actually, but a Thai person because I do look like them (if I don’t open my mouth to speak hahaha…). At there, I saw 2 or 3 European men were waiting for something while they still have their luggages with them. It seemed that they just arrived from airport and directly went to MBK…oh my goodness, what a surprise!!! MBK provides small cards like in the photos below as the guidance for visitors to find the tenants that they want; very helpful as the guidance. 

Because we went to MBK during the after office hours and also on Friday, we were in traffic jam when we took the express way. And when we finished everything, we were in a quite long queue for a taxi with other people (again, I saw tourist from various countries were there). Something funny but a little bit scary experience we had that night. I was thinking to take a taxi by myself to go back to hotel and Ms Eda went back to her place but then Ms Eda wanted to bring me back to hotel first before return to her place. So we got a taxi and suddenly the taxi had a trouble with its engine and stopped in middle of nowhere. Oh my goooosssshhh!!! The driver talked to Ms Eda that he had this accident twice already during that day and he asked us to move to another taxi because surely the error can’t be solved in minutes (thank God Ms Eda can speak and understand Thai for she has been self studying the language during her working period). So we got another taxi, but….unbelievable!!! He was driving like crazy!!! So fast and the speed was increased when we entered the toll/express way. I and Ms Eda were holding our breath when he’s doing some manouvers to overtaking other cars’ lap. Another oh my goossshhh!!! OMG!!! In my heart I was praying that we will be fine and we will arrive safely without any accident; I guess Ms Eda also did the same thing :D Finally we arrived at my hotel and Ms Eda waited until the taxi disappeared and she took another taxi to go to her place. Fffyuuuuhhh…what a relieved!!! Both of us were so grateful that we arrived safely :D Unforgettable memory for sure and has no intention to repeat it hahaha…*LOL* Thank you so much for that night, Ms Eda, really appreciate your time to accompany me and hopefully next time we can visit the weekend market :D

Well, that’s all for now, I’ll continue to the part 3 on the next day and thanks for reading it ^___^

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