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Beautiful Flower
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Monday, December 6, 2010

From Monday to Saturday at Thailand (part 1)

Thank God I had a good sleep after full enough with the Thai fried rice on the Sunday evening *big grin* and I woke up in the morning with excitement that I’m going to see my colleagues at head office with whom I have been communicating through emails and phones. Finaaalllyyyy….hoorrraaayyyy!!! hahaha…sorry, I’m too excited but this is my dream comes true, seeing the persons face to face and talk directly without boundary of distance :D 

Of course, I started to have the breakfast at the hotel with big curious what kind of foods that they provided and I wonder if there’s any Thai food that I can try because this is Thailand. And as usual, any persons who met me thought I’m Thai (if I don’t open my mouth to speak words). So that morning in the lift when I was going down to restaurant, a young woman greeted me and spoke to me in Thai language. So I was just giving her a big smile while saying,” I’m sorry, I can’t speak Thai.” Hehehe…
The foods for breakfast at the hotel are quite a lot and it’s American buffet breakfast actually; so they are completely served from bread, croissant, soups, salads, fruits, and main menu such as fried rice, white rice, and dishes with vegetables and meats, or fish, and chicken or pork sausages. Whoooaaaa… I was going to jump to see all those foods and wanted to try all of them one by one :D But then I remembered that I must choose the foods wisely because I need keep my weight under control while having enough energy for the whole day activity. And for the next days, a thought about keeping my weight under control already gone because I could not resist the food temptations at Thailand hahahahaaa…
After finishing the breakfast, I took my bag and notebook and went down again to get a taxi. A friendly staff greeted me with “sa-wat-dii krap” and I answered him with “good morning, can I get a taxi?” He asked me again, “Where are you going?” “Thaicom,” I said. Just one word and he understood ^__^ And he helped me to speak to the driver about the direction to Thaicom.
After I arrived at Thaicom, I was looking for Pat but she has not come yet that morning. So I tried another name that is K. Nong, the secretary of VP-SA2 (capital letter “K” means “Khun”, the way we call persons at Thailand) with a hope that she has come. And yes, she has come and she went downstairs to welcome me. She said that I looked different than the photo in web directory and we were just excited finally we can meet each other ^__^
After some chit chat with K. Nong, she brought me to Finance Department area because I don’t have the access card to open the door. And I landed safely at there for that day, met other colleagues with a tour assistancy to other departments from K. Toni, sitting near K. Toni, and working on my pending tasks from Jakarta before having a short question and answer with K. Es.
In the lunch time, I got a favor to taste tom yam goong soup, green curry, fried fish, and other foods that I don’t know the name with K. Es, K. Toni, K. Thanan, and K. Luk. All of us were treated by K. Luk for that lunch (khob khun ka, K. Luk ^__^). And in the evening, I went to the mall near office and hotel to buy simcard and fruits with K. Toni and K. Es (thank youuuu ^_^)
I thought I would not need a Thai simcard during these days because I still can use my Indonesian simcard (pre paid card) after I arrived at the airport to sms my parents and K. Tinnakorn my boss to inform that I landed safely; also sms my friend too. But then when I arrived at the hotel and reached the 16th floor, I could not use my simcard anymore. A little bit panic that time, oh noooo…the signal was gone and even after keep searching and got some Thai operators, I didn’t know which one that has cooperation with Indonesian operator of my simcard. So I tried to choose other operator and also decided to buy local simcard because I don’t want to loose contact with my parents while I’m at Thailand. The cost for using Indonesian simcard in Thailand is quite expensive and if we stay quite long (more than 3 days), we better buy local simcard to save the cost. This is one of the lesson that I learn from this trip ^__^
Okay, part one is done and continues with part two coming soon :D

note: the yellow orchid photo was taken at near gate D4 when I was going to boarding to go back to Jakarta. Wish could bring it back to Jakarta :D 

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