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Beautiful Flower
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Tintin boy and Allegro the wolf

Who are they?

Well, they are 2 lovely boys of my friend Ayu Khamallia Shalimar and her husband :) Here are their pictures, aren't they handsome?

Since I was a young kid, my parents already had cats and then later on we changed to have dogs as our pet at home. We had not a pure bred dogs but we enjoyed the happy and sad moments with our dogs. Last month when I showed the pictures and videos of Tintin and Allegro to my dad, he was so happy and in the same time I can see his face showing expression that he really wants to have a dog again but unfortunately the situation for us right now is not possible to have it yet.

Since when I like big dogs while we had only small dogs in the size of pomeranian or pekingese? Well, since me and Ayu are friends in Facebook and then she started to post cute pictures of Tintin boy, hahaha :D Ayu was my friend at senior high school and university too but we were not knowing each other at that time. It's such a funny thing to remember that I can know Ayu through her golden retriever and until now I have been in love with this dog :) What about Allegro the husky? Well, he's such a stubborn yet spoiled wolf that also I love, but not as big as my love to Tintin boy, hahaha :D

A quote says "a picture is worth a thousand words" so my words won't be enough in telling you how cute and adorable these two are :) You can go to instagram @ayu_khamallia and mine @yuliagunawan to enjoy more pictures of Tintin and Allegro. Have a wonderful day!

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