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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thank you to the faithful and dedicated courier/messenger men (and woman)

I write this note special for the men and 1 woman that I see around my office whose job is delivering the letters or packages to around building of BRI 1, BRI 2, and Wisma GKBI at Jendral Sudirman Jakarta.

Why I wrote the ‘men’ in plural while the ‘woman’ in single? That is just the fact ^__^ During my 3 years and 2 months working period at this building, I have seen some familiar faces of men and 1 woman whose work are delivering letters or packages to my office and they are from different courier service/company. Few of them are still met by me regularly every month and others are just occasionally when there is letter to be delivered to me or office.

Yes for a fact that most of the courier persons or messengers are men and I was quite surprised when one day this petite woman came to my office to deliver letter. This morning (October 3rd 2012) when I saw this woman again walked heading to office with me. She walked fast (and even faster than me hehehe…) and very excited! And don’t know why when I saw her I feel so encouraged to be so excited too! ^__^ Perhaps because it’s kind of rare condition for a woman to work as the courier and I really appreciate her effort to make living in this tough city. Seeing her body behavior that showing she can work fast and in quick response, no wonder she’s chosen to be the courier and I wish her the best in her work also.
Personally I honor the work of these courier/messenger men because bringing lots documents and/or packages with motorcycle then continued by walking from one floor to another or one place to another, face the ‘awesome’ traffic jammed in the whole day from morning to late afternoon sometimes; it’s not an easy job at all. 

One time I heard from a courier man that sometimes for some letters they have the target from the company. I forgot the amount of letters that he has to deliver in one day but I remember he said that if he didn’t fulfill the target then he could not get the commission.

Hopefully in the next couple or few years ahead, the traffic at Jakarta will be better and so these people will be helped a lot in delivering the letters or packages (doing their works) because we still need them although some letters can be sent by email but packages can’t be sent by email right? ^__^

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