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Monday, August 27, 2012

Is Technology Enough?

I’m writing this to remind myself that I still need to stay on ground and not always be gadget minded and connect internet in every hour when I’m idle. Just put my blackberry or android down and start to take a book for reading it or set schedule to meet friends in weekend.

This is the era of internet and the world seems without border because one person from one country can connect to other country which is far away just by chat through the messenger…so easy; just using the internet connection, mobile phone, or tablet, or notebook and voila! we can have a chat with sleepy eyes with family at America let say. Why sleepy eyes? Because if at Jakarta is 11pm then at America is 11am, so welcome to the real world, gals hahaha No matter how advanced your gadget is, the time of the world is still the same and we can’t change that right? Hehehe…

Recently my friends at Jogjakarta were having a reunion which unfortunately I could not attend due to high season holiday here at Jakarta. They are my junior high school friends and the reunion was the second one that held at Jogjakarta after the first on December last year. When I talked through blackberry messenger to one of my friend, the chat was ended up with statement: “so, the blackberry messenger and blackberry group is not an everything for us to have relationship for our reunion; but we also need to have face to face meeting like this because there’s nothing that can replace the benefit of face to face relationship.” Isn’t something? Sesuatu banget khaaaaan hahaha…

Work, deadlines of reports, family, anything can be a reason for us not to set a time and even excuse for not have time to meet our beloved families and friends. But there should be a time if we make for it. God gives each one of us the same time in 1 day: 24 hours. Even Albert Einstein got it the same right? Hehehe… Easy for me to talk while I’m still need to learn about my personal time management especially for wake up early for exercise, cook for breakfast, prepare everything for go to work, and sleep early to have a good rest for tomorrow wake up early again for another routines. I can’t lie that sometimes after work and arrive at my boarding house, when I lying down at my bed I am so fun with myself and my android to check news at or to get information about some updated news. Wait…fun? Not really because sometimes when my eyes are already tired, I just keep reading and not turning off the gadget…pyyyuuufffhhh…hehehe…

Okay, back to the reunion. One of my friends put a status in her blackberry like this: “It’s been 17 years never met!” Whoohooowww…yes it is true! Hahahaha… After we graduated from junior high school, we went to different senior high school or luckily if it’s the same; then went to university, work to other cities, or even out of the country. So I thankful for Facebook that helps me to find my friends again even from the elementary school even not so many as friends from high school and university hehehe… The sudden reunion during Lebaran holiday looked more informal than the first one and I’m just so glad to see the pictures of friends who did the gathering that day even though I could not attend it. I don’t deny that blackberry messenger and blackberry group is helping us a lot in making us who are far to each other into close (and even make the close ones into far: this is a joke but a fact too). But in my humble opinion, the bbm and bb group is not enough and actually the conversation can’t beat the fun and joyful conversation that we can have when we meet face to face. This is why I put a title for this note: “is technology enough?” For me, the answer is definitely no and what about you guys? Feel free to give your opinion yaaa ^__^

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